The Office Recap – Encore Please!

It’s official…the highlight of last year’s weak season of The Office was definitely the budding courtship of Andy and Erin. This episode brought that plotline back to the front-burner and once again proved why this couple can’t be beat. The chemistry between Ed Helms and Ellie Kemper could actually rival the chemistry of John Krasinski and Jenna Fisher in the early years of the Jim and Pam flirting. And, Andy and Erin are so uniquely odd yet lovable that they bring a whole different relationship dynamic to the show, setting them apart from Jim and Pam.

I absolutely loved Erin’s genuine reactions to seeing Andy perform, first watching the impromptu number at Dunder Mifflin and then later when she snuck into the second act. And, I loved Andy trying to restrain his disappointment when Erin couldn’t make the show at first, and then his unbridled elation when she showed up. Also, what other TV couple could make playing “let’s take turns murdering each other” that adorably cute??? I could basically just watch this couple in their own wacky show.

I honestly didn’t even need any of the other little subplots (Jim and Pam fretting over babysitting; Dwight and Angela’s baby-making contract; Michael’s jealousy) but whatever—at least those stories didn’t interfere too much with the real show—Andy fretting over Erin and trying to rekindle their relationship. Not to mention, the play setting gave some great opportunities for reaction shots from our favorite office workers in the audience (i.e. Stanley sleeping; Michael, Meredith, Kevin and Daryl passing the wine bottle; Ryan checking the time on his iPad). Also, loved the cutaway to Creed calling his editor (editor??!!) to give his review of the play! Then, of course, there was the reason Erin could not attend—she was trying really hard to break into the babysitting business and couldn’t pass up the big break of looking after CiCi for Jim and Pam (hey, a girl has got to get an upper hand on those 13-year olds in the Babysitters Club).

Some highlights from tonight’s “awesome” performance:

  • “Did you write that?!” (Erin’s reaction to Andy and his cast mates performing a song from Sweeney Todd)
  • Dwight carefully wielding a knife during the impromptu performance, clearly on guard for shenanigans
  • Andy plans to woo Erin back through song: “Women can’t resist a man singing show tunes” (Andy) –I totally agree, Andy, totally agree.
  • Michael auditioned for the play by re-enacting an entire episode of Law & Order as a one-man show (that is actually pretty impressive)…maybe all those improv classes he took a few seasons back paid off.
  • Andy checking his e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and every other form of social media to see if Erin by chance messaged him…and then the phone goes off mid-performance.
  • “Why would I take her to the hospital?” (Erin’s response when Jim and Pam tell her they only left her with the car seat to take CiCi to the hospital).
  • Such a sweet moment at the end for heart-broken Andy, getting to sing an encore for his co-workers.

Here’s hoping Andy and Erin get an encore for their romance!


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