Brothers and Sisters Recap – Things have been a little tight lately

So, due to a misunderstanding (and because it is a TV show and characters make grand assumptions based on the tiniest shred of information) Kitty thinks her mother has became a late-in-life lesbian. Of course Kitty sets off a Walker sibling phone tree to inform everyone else of her suspicion. Then, when the Walkers gather for Luc’s underwear campaign launch party, the kids tell Nora they know her secret. However, Nora’s real secret is that she took a job at a flower store as a florist. I have to say that if this happened on any other TV show, I probably would have scoffed at this plotline. However, I just enjoy these characters so much and they always pull off these big confusion scenes in an amusing way. The look on Justin’s and Kevin’s faces were pretty priceless when they still think Nora is a lesbian and she utters lines (in reference to her florist job) such as “it’s all very exciting for me” and that “things have been a little tight lately.” The real news eventually comes out, and that is when Nora smacks some sense into all of her adult children and calls them out on all their issues. I was not the only one who enjoyed her speech—fortunately a guy at the bar (for a second I thought they were going to go down the whole “Nora dates a younger guy” storyline again) overhears the blunt advice she doles out and thinks she would be perfect for a call-in radio talk show. I agree! And I look forward to this development! I am already brainstorming ideas for what her show should be called.

The rest of the family is basically still dealing with issues that carry over from last week. Kitty still needs to figure out how to move forward in her life without Robert and decides to rent a cottage in Ojai for a while. Kevin and Scotty struggle over how to help the troubled young teen Kevin defended. Justin still faces the aftermath of his decision to leave Rebecca for a year to serve overseas (but seriously, where the heck is this girl hiding out???? And even though she and Justin didn’t part on the best of terms, I would still think Rebecca would want to see Justin upon his return). Holly is still feeling challenged from her memory loss (her scene with Justin was intense—and it made me sad to hear Justin gush about his love for Rebecca when we all know their marriage is going to end). Sarah’s plotline was a departure from last week, but I guess it was time for another “Paige is growing up” story where the mother and daughter butt heads. My question—where is her son Cooper?

Overall, this was definitely a lighter episode, except for the Holly scenes that were pretty emotional. Some of my favorite moments:

  • Kevin’s law showdown with the troubled teenager—and the teen seeming to know as much about the ins and outs of the legal system as Kevin.
  • Kevin’s response to Nora when she encourages him to help the young teen get out of trouble: “Put your bleeding heart back in your NPR tote bag”
  • “Can you go to all my friends’ houses?” (Paige to her underwear model future-stepdad Luc)
  • The accidental download of senior citizen lesbian porn
  • Just a little advice, Paige: When sneaking alcohol, you might want to try choosing a beverage that isn’t an electric blue cocktail.
  • When the kids think Nora is a lesbian, they all chime in “We are all OK with it” then immediately, “No, no we aren’t”
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One Response to Brothers and Sisters Recap – Things have been a little tight lately

  1. Karyn says:

    I loved the scene at the launch party when it “came out” that Nora was a lesbian. Hilarious. Although it was much lighter than last week’s ep, I must say that I didn’t mind not crying 5 times in one hour.

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