Putting my game face on!

A lot of people get excited about the start of fall and particularly the new football season. Me? Well, this upcoming week is my personal equivalent of the Superbowl—premiere week of the new TV season. Actually, there are some comparisons between the start of football season and TV season…both have us revisit some of our favorite “teams” of players (or casts of characters), both involve performance and I suppose there are gripping plotlines in sports (even if I don’t personally care about those plotlines).

For me, a new TV season brings excitement, anticipation and the return of some favorite stories and characters. I am pretty pumped for a solid fall lineup. Here are the key shows I enjoy and will follow on this blog (at least I will attempt to keep up with this grueling schedule!):


  • How I Met Your Mother: I am really excited for HIMYM to return for its 6th season. This is a show that is truly appreciated when watched from the very beginning and in order, as the callbacks and humor demand a devoted viewer.  The past season was not one of its strongest (although I think a lot of shows hit similar issues around their 5th season–ahem, The Office). However, much like Ted Mosby, I am a believer in him and his friends and have read some very promising news about this season and the direction of the show. Bays and Thomas (creators/producers) have said this season will feel more like earlier seasons of the show and return to its focus. Side note: This summer while in NYC I visited the bar McGee’s, which is the bar Bays and Thomas hung out in in real life and used as inspiration for MacLaren’s. I recommend checking it out if you are in NYC.
  • 90210: As you can see from my blog, this show already premiered last week and I already had some things to say! While this show doesn’t measure up to the quality of the other shows I watch, I think I will probably have the most fun writing about it. Just so much to laugh at.


  • Glee! Lots of buzz for this show, of course. My concern? Can it continue to live up to its hype and inventiveness? The first half of its season 1 was much stronger than its second half. I hope that it gets back to focusing on its core characters and uses song to enhance what the characters experience. But, all in all I am very excited for my favorite Glee club members and Cheerios to return to my TV every week.


  • Modern Family: I was very happy for Modern Family’s Emmy wins, including best comedy (and if you didn’t catch it, their Emmy skit was hilarious). I have to agree that their freshman season was by far the most consistently funny show on TV this past year. Here’s hoping they can keep up their quirky pace.  I would love to see even more plotlines with the kids…they are probably some of the best TV kids in recent history.


  • The Office: Can The Office make Steve Carell’s final season on the show a great one? I guess we will find out. The past season or two have not been their best, so I am hoping they can return to some of the greatness that made it such a success. I am also not liking the reports that they plan to continue the show after this season. Either it will continue its recent decline without Carell or perhaps a major change like that will shake things up for the better?


  • Brothers & Sisters: I know not many people watch this show, but those of us who do pretty much LOVE it. This show blends drama and humor better than almost anything else on TV. The character banter is well-written and well-acted. I am intrigued that this new season jumps forward one year in the characters’ lives. I do wonder if we will see flashbacks to the immediate aftermath of the horrific car accident that claimed Robert’s life and severely impacted everyone else. I also know that Rebecca will be leaving the show, which makes me wonder about her mother Holly’s fate from the car accident.

There are new shows premiering as well, and if my DVR can handle it, I hope to check out The Event, My Generation and Boardwalk Empire.

Wow, this seems like a pretty intense, yet stellar, lineup. Time to put my game face on and get ready for a big week ahead!

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