90210 – Shake it Off

I guess in some ways it is fitting that my first real “Show and Tell” post is for a re-boot of a show that basically started my love of TV. Beverly Hills 90210 (the original of course) was one of the best shows of the 90s and still remains in my top 10 list for favorites of all time (well, at least the glorious high school years).  That show singlehandedly paved the way for all teen dramas to come.

For better or worse, the current 90210 does shame and disservice to the original name of the show. So much so, that I often get angry at it. Now starting its third season (um, how the heck did that happen) I find that I basically have to pretend it has absolutely nothing to do with the original and just watch it for the completely ridiculous plotlines, writing and acting (although I use those terms loosely). Once you do that, you will find that it is actually one of the best comedies on TV (which is not entirely what it is trying to be). Sometimes you are laughing with them, but most of the time you are laughing at them and/or cringing. Either way, that makes for some pretty amusing entertainment. On that note…

Here is my take on the season premiere:

  • What is up with the sound editing? Are they purposely trying to drown out the horrible dialogue by making the background music the CW is marketing to us louder than the actors? I may be pushing the age of original show cast-members (i.e. I am no youngin) but good grief I couldn’t hear half of what they were saying. Although it is always a safe bet that Annie is complaining and Ivy is saying “Dude.”
  • Well, I guess we got our answers on how they would wrap up two MAJOR plotlines from the last season: Harry’s departure (as the main father and the principal) and Annie’s hit and run crime. And the big payoff of an entire season’s worth of story-arcs???? Harry’s family looking at the maintenance worker paint over the name on Harry’s parking spot at school and Annie casually mentioning to some of her friends that her summer was just OK….had some legal stuff, saw some lawyers, was under house arrest and is now on probation, blah blah blah just typical fallout from accidentally killing a man while driving drunk and fleeing the scene…But enough of that! That is, like, SO depressing and they’re seniors now!! Like omg! I am glad Annie got over it all so quickly, because I am still experiencing angst and grief that they spent an entire season on that wasted plotline.
  • Dixon and Ivy: All I have to say is, why is Dixon dressed like a character from Flashdance? And how did Ivy manage to find another dude who is perhaps even more obnoxious than her?
  • Adriana: Her limo scenes with pop star Javier were gut-wrenching to watch…and not because they suddenly got into an accident that killed him, but because their acting was perhaps the worst of tonight’s episode (and that is saying a lot). When Ade says “I can’t believe Javier is dead” I said to my TV “I can’t believe it either, because your acting and facial expressions are ridiculous.”
  • Kardashian sister cameo: ummmmm…yeah, not so much. Stick to “reality” TV where the writing is actually better on your show.
  • The earthquake: As a Los Angeles native, I found the earthquake scene to be quite hilarious. The school suffers major damage—but don’t worry kids, you can just peace out and hop into your cars and head to the beach to party.  Just because the school was heavily damaged doesn’t mean the roads were harmed or the power is out anywhere else. And it’s not like it would be a school policy to have a parent or guardian come get you at the school after a major disaster. However, the best part of the earthquake may have been that the writers actually tried to use it as a metaphor for the storyline (like 90210 kids know what a metaphor is). Annie put it so eloquently when she said that when there is an earthquake, there are usually aftershocks…and realized that maybe she isn’t as “over” her guilt from KILLING A MAN as she thought. Deep, really deep stuff here.
  • Speaking of Annie: She had some good tips for how to land a job in our depressed economy…just tell your potential employer that you accidentally killed a guy and were under house arrest for a while so you could really use this gig to help pay your legal bills. I am intrigued, though, that this woman who hired her is up to something shady.
  • Finally….Naomi: Hard to sum up Naomi in this episode…I mean, she shopped with Kardashians, did a strip tease, lived in a roadside motel, had horrid flashbacks during the earthquake of her teacher raping her last season….AND she had to endure one of the worst insults on the show—being compared to Katie Holme’s empty personality after marrying Tom Cruise.

Wow, so after writing all this I realized I have basically all complaints about this show. Many may ask “why do you still watch it then?” Well, honestly, complaining about this show (and making fun of it) is pretty amusing and entertaining. So, stay tuned…

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4 Responses to 90210 – Shake it Off

  1. Mae C says:

    who’s gay? liam 0r teddy?

    • Jeni says:

      Everything I have read says Teddy will be the character who comes out this season! Perhaps now that his tennis dreams are dashed he will have some free time to “explore” now 🙂

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  3. I just started watching season 1 and the more over the top it gets, the more I love it 🙂

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